Deep Drawing Press

Ranging from 40 ton to 2000 tons with wide range of strokes & bolster sizes in single, double or triple action.

Types :

  • C Frame (Open Throat)
  • Closed Frame
  • Four Pillar
  • Four Column Prestretched Tie Rod

Our wide range of presses are being used for every operations like For DEEP DRAWING, COLD EXTRSION, REVITING, BLANKING, PRESS FIT (ASSEMBLY LINE), COINING , HEADING, STRAIGNTENING, FORMING & Other Applications.

Features :

  • Rigid fabricated structure, Stress relieved, Manufactured to high quality standards with stage wise inspections.
  • Power packs powered with high performance quality hydraulic systems.
  • Precise Guiding arrangements, Adjustable moving slides with well lubricating system.
  • PLC controlled without or with Panel view (HMI) for sequence setting, Diagnostic capabilities.

Aluminum Extrusion Press
Aluminum Extrusion Press
Aluminum Extrusion Press